Capri sunset boat experience

A unique boat experience: a special excursion aboard our Sea Breeze and Almarama. Perfect for those seeking something different and extraordinary.
Hop aboard our cabin dinghy and our fully-equipped boat to experience a special moment: the sunset over Capri with a view of the majestic Faraglioni.
That magical moment when the fiery sun dips into the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, providing a spectacular view. An enchanting experience to share with friends, family, and your partner while you toast, savor Italian delicacies, take a dip in the crystalline sea, snorkel, listen to good music, and try to capture the perfect photo!
With you, our skippers Mario and Alessandro, experienced captains in boat tours. Trust them: you’ll have a truly magical experience.
We look forward to having you on board!

  • DURATION 3 hours apx
  • INCLUDED Soft Drinks
    Snacks and fresh fruit
    Snorkeling equipment
    Skilled staff
    Fuel and taxes